Easter Island; Rapa Nui

Easter Island; Rapa Nui

Easter Island also is known as the indigenous name of “Rapa Nui” is a small island that is located in the southern pacific ocean approximately 3500 Km from the west of the Chilies and 1900 Km from the east of Pitcairn Island. The island is one of the most famous travel destinations, which encompasses roughly 64 square miles.

Without a doubt, Easter Island is the most amazing, well-preserved treasure of the Polynesian culture. The island has listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list in 1995. It was discovered by Jacob Roggereen on Easter day in 1772. The island is triangular shaped and there are three volcanos on every edge. They are known as Terevaka, the Poike, and Rano ka. Easter Island is regarded as one of the most isolated inhabited islands in the world.

Moai Statues on Easter Island

Easter Island is most famous for its monumental stone statues called Moai created by the early Rapa Nui people. There are almost 900 statues that have been located on the island. Suppressing only 100 statues still stand on the island. They were very from height from 3 to 12 m and carved out of tuff, a soft volcanic rock. The shape and structure of statues are very distinct as all follow the structure of a huge head with elongated ears and nose and deep dark eyes. The Moai on Easter Island are among the most mysterious objects made by humans. Researchers still don’t know how they were moved, why they were placed at particular sites around the island and why they were made in the first place. Researchers recently discovered that the islanders probably used good old-fashioned “manpower” to move the massive statues across the island from the quarry to their final resting place. It was denoted that with three sturdy, strong ropes and some extensive planning, it would have been possible for a large group of people (20) to move the moai statue several hundred yards.

According to the future discovering that have done in 2012 know that not only they have elongated heads but also they have bodies. The body part of Moai was hidden under the soil of the Easter Island. Visitors can only see the 3/8 of the whole statues at the sight.

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The Moai in the Island give information about the Rapa Nui people in the past. It signified the souls of their forbears and also protectors inhabitants from floods and storms. There is a group of seven Moai called Ahu Akivi. Their faces oriented towards the pacific sea. They are equal in size and shape and represents the seven explorers of Easter Island.
Among the all statues there is a unique statue name as Tukuturi. Not like Moai its unusual features include a riund shape head, a bread and heeling positing. This statue has carved from red volcanic rock. Researchers still didn’t find out which is tgis statue was different from Moai.

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Ahu Akivi

At present there are about 5,000 people live on Easter Island, and thousands of tourists come to see the anthropomorphic “moai” statues each year. The main language of them is Spanish. Because of the rising population, the island faces challenges ahead. It has no sewerage system and continues the supply of drinking water.

How to get in to Easter Island?

As the island is isolated the most common way to get there is by plane. There are domestic flights available Ss do not need to be presented on arrival when arriving from the Chilean mainland. Flights do arrive from Tahiti, need passports for those arrivals. The flight from Santiago will take 6 hours to get to the Island available daily.
There are occasional boats that sail from New Zealand or elsewhere in the South Pacific that take passengers, but the cost is high. The only cheapest way to get there is flying.

How to get around the Easter Island?

Even though there is no public transportation getting around the island is quite easy because the island is small. You can rent a bike or a car. They are not expensive.

When to visit Easter Island?

I highly recommend to visit Easter Island is during the first two weeks of February when the annual Tapati festival takes place. This festival is possibly the best chance to learn about Rapa Nui culture. People get dressed in traditional costumes and perform an ancient dance to upbeat sounds. However, this time is the most expensive and busiest time of the year.

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